Wednesday, June 14, 2006


We went to Jim's graduation from Fuller Seminary this weekend & had a great time! Here are some of the obligatory graduate pictures~

We also went to Chinatown (had a great dinner and bought junk), Santa Monica (just a large, open-air upscale mall), the Rose Bowl Flea Market, Tribe and the Reagan Presidential Library. The Flea Market was great fun, both for buying junk and watching people.

I really enjoyed meeting Jim's friends and worshipping at Tribe -- I was surprised to find how much I liked the drum circle (I guess it was the aging hippie in me coming out).

The Reagan Library was interesting and impressive -- I don't think I enjoyed it as much as James the Wiser did, though, since he liked President Reagan so much. I especially liked seeing his love letters to Nancy Reagan and the glimpses into the close relationship they had. The mock-up of the Oval Office was interesting, too.

We also had dinner with my Uncle Lloyd, cousins (minus Laurie) and their wives and assorted children. I always enjoy seeing them so much -- I wish we lived closer together now and also that we had known them growing up. Lloyd is as interesting and sharp as ever -- doing great for 88! Seeing him is like seeing my dad or my grandma again, which is a real treat.

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