Thursday, May 29, 2008

I love Detroit!

I haven't posted in such a long time and I could break my blog-silence by posting about the things that have kept me busy lately: Charlie's graduation & our trip to Florida, my garden & life's stuff (I'll get to that later). Instead, I'm choosing to post about...

Detroit's mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick! Here's a man who has "allegedly" been involved in bid-rigging, a sex/text messaging scandal & a secret whistle-blower lawsuit settlement (check out all the stories here) and because of Detroit's city statutes, the city council can't get rid of him. So...they finally passed a resolution to request Governor Granholm's removal of him as mayor. What happens next, you might ask???

Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick VETOED the city council's resolution to request the governor to remove him from office! That should stop it. And, just 2 weeks ago, Mayor K. announced that from now on, all text messages on city-owned cellphones will be considered private. Hmm - a little late on that one.

All chuckles aside, this is really sad for Detroit...
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