Thursday, May 06, 2010

What's Blooming?

Spring has finally sprung (though it's still too early to put out the tender plants). Here's what's blooming in the garden -- though a few of these actually bloomed in the past couple of weeks.

The forsythia I got for Mother's Day 2 years ago
bloomed for the first time this year!

The cherry tree (not that we'll get any of the cherries)

Apple Trees (I love standing under them & listening to the hum of the bees)



Bleeding Heart (both pink & white & fringed, as well)

Creeping Phlox


Flowering Almond

Brunnera "Jack Frost" (one of my favorite)
guarded by Artie Mosquito, a Tom Coates creation

Dead Nettle


The first Irises

Weeds, weeds & more weeds...

Thanks for going on my garden tour!

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

As Angelica used to say, "You Babies -- Be Quiet!"

With 13 chicks in our guest bathroom (in the bi-level chick-onimium), there is a constant din of peeps, baby squacks & tap-tap-taps as they peck & scratch at the floors of the brooders. The sound is starting to drive me crazy!

The chick-onimiums

I can hardly wait until these little girls have their feathers and/or are big enough to go out to the chicken coop to live next to the big girls (not exactly with them yet, but near). That will bring the next challenge -- integrating 2 flocks of chicks into one and then integrating that flock into the flock of 3 old ladies (including 1 mean girl, LaVerne).

All this for fresh eggs and the fun of having chickens!
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