Sunday, July 30, 2006

Another Way to Waste Time

As if I didn't have enough ways to waste time on the computer -- Snood, Solitaire & surfing -- I've now gotten hooked on Sudoku! Hmmm - they all begin with S... There could be a pattern there, but I don't have time to look for it. I've got to get back to Sudoku.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Chimney Swifts

We have a nest of Chimney Swifts in our chimney. It's surprising how loud the babies are -- I guess the sound is amplified by the chimney. 2 weeks ago, 2 of the babies fell down into the fireplace, along with most of the nest and a dead Mourning Dove. I haven't yet figured out how the dove enters into it all, since I don't think they're aggressive birds. We were having a storm, though, and I wonder if the dove got blown into the chimney, got killed and took out the nest on its way down. At any rate, we put the babies in a box overnight and Danny took them to the nature center's infirmary the next day, where they joined MANY other baby swifts in a cage -- all being fed and watered until they fledged.

One baby is still in the nest and and still making plenty of noise! If you want to see what the nest and babies look like, this is a good site. One family of swifts can eat 12,000 insects A DAY, so if I can figure out how to keep the chimney and fireplace from being covered in bird poo, I'll let them nest there every year. Now I have to figure out how to get Jim to go along with THAT scheme!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

To Go Boldly

In October, the remains of Jimmy Doohan (Star Trek's Scotty) will be sent into space -- with those of 100 other people (how weird is that!) -- for a brief trip. Then later in the year, his ashes will join Gene Rodenberry's as more space junk -- which ultimately will fall back to earth. Just think, you could be lucky enough to have what's left of Scotty land in your back yard (or slam through your roof) -- assuming the capsule doesn't disintegrate on re-entry)! It makes me think of the days when my sister wouldn't let my nephew play outside because she was sure Skylab was going to land on him.

Have a safe trip, Scotty!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Friday, July 21, 2006

The Garden

I haven't updated in a long time because I've been so busy working at the church and working outside. So I've decided that I'd write about what's been taking all my time -- the garden!

I doubt that anyone cares about this, but to my mind, it's just as interesting as the political points of view posted on thousands of other blogs. Here it is:

We moved into this house 12 years ago (this Labor Day) and the only color outside came from 5 geranium plants the previous owners put in because they were having a wedding at their house! We added a 50 x 50 garden the next summer and only figured out how to deer-proof it last year (hence, the 8 foot fence). This year, it's probably the best it's ever been.

In the foreground is one of the two strawberry pyramids. Also, on the right are 2 gates with pickling cucumbers on them. To the left are peppers (red, green and yellow bells) and behind the ladder are broccoli. The ladder is there on purpose -- soon the "Baby Boo" (tiny white pumpkins) and "Jack Be Little" (tiny orange pumpkins) will be climbing on it. The airy plants at the back left are asparagus (which we're now finished cutting and are letting grow to put strength back to the plants) and the tomatoes -- romas, cherry and slicing tomatoes -- are next to those.

Here you can see the "Sugar Baby" watermelons and "Blue Lake" bush beans. All along the back are raspberries -- which are REALLY coming in right now.

Raspberries on the canes

Raspberries in the bucket -- we've picked at least
10 times this much already

Turner eating Raspberries off the bushes.
Who knew he'd have a sweet tooth -- he "picks"
from the outside while we pick from
the inside!!

A "Sugar Baby" pumpkin, still small

Growing things and playing in the dirt is one of the great pleasures of life. It's also very therapeutic -- whether listening to the weekend shows on NPR or working in silence and thinking things through. I often think about the nature of sin as I weed -- the little bit of weed shows above ground, but there's usually a big root system under ground where it spreads. You never can get rid of all of it, either.

Then, when the work is done, I like to just sit and look at the fruits (literally) of my labors! It's one of the few places where I put aside restlessness and follow the command to "Be Still"!

Thanks for visiting the garden!

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