Friday, February 24, 2006

Number One

This is the first entry...a day that will live in infamy! Do middle aged moms have blogs or is blogging the private territory of preteens and twenty-somethings?

If you happen across this (I'm not ready to tell anyone I know about it), you'll get the ramblings of a mom in Michigan, who has no kids at home (except those who boomeranged back) and several chickens.

I'll have to work up to sharing my inner-most thoughts. check in again to find them!

Thanks for visiting.


BlueButterfly said...

You have chickens? Cute I love don't eat them do you?

the chickens' auntie said...

NO! I'd never eat the girls!

the kingofchgo said...

Hi there in Michigan;blogging seems to have great diversity within its realms,all ages and nationalities,people from all walks of life .Inever thought i would be doing this myself but it is starting to grow on me and i find it quite relaxing for a 50+ BOOMER. So go ahead and indulge yourself it will grow on you to.

BlueButterfly said...

Oh okay, that's awesome. I wanted to adopt a few chickens from, but they're too far away from me.

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