Thursday, March 02, 2006

Project Runway

Well, what I thought would never happen has finally come to pass – I’m hooked on a reality show. Next week is the last of this year’s Project Runway, and I find that I really care who wins! I can never again scoff at a blog about American Idol or Amazing Race.

So here’s my take on Project Runway:
All along, I’ve though Daniel V had the nicest designs. He seemed to capture the essence of the weekly assignment with well-constructed, classy garments. Chloe’s, though well-made, often were unimaginative. And Santino’s . . . well, Santino’s designs had too much imagination. They reminded me of the dresses I used to make for my Barbie and Ginny dolls – I just had to use one more piece of fringe or one more bead! Santino’s clothes were so over-the-top they almost were laughable.

I’ve been hoping that Danny V would win, but now I’m not so sure. The garments that they showed last night – which were the result of months of thought and effort -- were so different from what the three had done before. Danny’s were unimpressive, Chloe’s were some sort of bizarre, blown up construction (they looked like Japanese animé costumes) and Santino’s were beautiful! Who would have thought!?!

So, I guess anything can happen and we’ll just have to wait to see their collections on the models. I can hardly wait!! I’d like to hear what other people think, but never will because NO ONE KNOWS THIS BLOG ADDRESS!!!!

So, if you happen by, share your thoughts and . . .

Thanks for visiting!

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