Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Catching up

I haven't posted in a long time -- so I'll try to catch up in 60 seconds or less (which seems the be the amount of time someone will look at a page).

Spring is coming to some parts of the world -- but not to Michigan! Here is what our spring looks like:

And here's what spring looks like on other blogs I check daily:

London, England
San Francisco
Brighton, England

We're all so tired of cold and snow!!!! I'm afraid we're going to go from winter straight to summer and skip spring all together. I don't know what that will do to the garden . . . I don't care, though -- I just want the snow to stop!

Further news:
I had my 1,000th view last week. That won't seem like much to those of you who have blogged for years and have blog-iversaries, but I'm pretty excited. Especially since no one knows my blog is here!

Next item:
There was a fascinating piece in the news lately about Joshua Bell (winner of the Avery Fisher Prize) playing his violin for an hour in a Washington DC Metro station. He made $39 ($59 if you count a twenty thrown to him by a woman who recognized him as a world renowned violinist), and only a handful of people bothered to listen. Bell gave the money to the lady who loaned him the violin case to lay out in front of him for donations. I've always loved to stop and listen to buskers for a few minutes (always paying for the privilege) and enjoy the "free" concert. Maybe it goes back to listening to "For Free" by Joni Mitchell. Interestingly, Joshua Bell said he'll look at, listen to and think about buskers differently from now on. Why does our society always equate talent or value with celebrity? You can see the story here in the Washington Post, or listen to him interviewed here on NPR. Here's a review of his new violin CD.

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