Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lily's Quilt

Christy wanted me to post something about the quilt I made for Lily. When I gave it to her, I told Crit that I would, but now it seems like boasting -- forgive me if it seems like that to you, too!

The blocks in Lily's quilt are from animal patterns found in "Claire's Cats" and "Grandma's Bunnies", along with others that I made up because I wanted more variety. The fabrics are primarily Aunt Grace's (a reproduction line of 20s and 30s fabrics) and a few vintage ones that had enough strength to stand up to play. The polka dots, which also are the backing fabric, are an Alexander Henry called "Pop Dots" and I know that I bought every yard (and piece of a yard) available online throughout the country (because there is no more available anywhere)!

I love the outdoors and animals and hoped that Lily would have fun learning the animals and colors, discovering the patterns in the fabric and counting. This is, by far, the most fun I've had making a quilt and (I think) the best one I've ever done. The more I sewed, the more my imagination ran away with me and I'm really pleased with the result. Here are pictures of the blocks -- thanks for looking!


bethany said...

that is so pretty. I'm glad you posted it.

slceostyle said...

I agree with Miss Bethany!! It's gorgeous!!!

crit said...

hooray! i'm so happy that you finally posted about this. although it is tempting to just hang it in her nursery to display, lily uses it daily.

she uses it watching her baby dvd...the first time she ever rolled over was on it... it has wrapped around her when she was chilly... been on airplanes, etc etc etc!

i can't wait to play "i see a color that you don't see" and talk about all of the colorful animals too.

this is such a wonderful, useful gift, and i'm so happy that lily will have it to show to her own children!!

we love you, auntie!
christy & lily

p.s. are you going to post about the skinny's soon??? :)

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