Monday, October 08, 2007

Yawns revisited

Back in August, I posted about yawns and how powerfully I'm affected by them. At the end of September All Things Considered did this story about a man at the University of Maryland who set out to create a "doomsday yawn" (sorry about the quotation marks, Bethany ), where NO ONE who saw it could resist. He found that it isn't the sight of the gaping mouth or sound of the "ahhhh" (sorry, again, Bethany) but that some people just can't resist any suggestion of a yawn, while others remain unaffected. Listen to the story, because the research is fascinating!

Now, I know there are lurkers out there -- honestly, how many of you yawned when you read this?

I've yawned 4 times since I began this post!


bethany said...

your quotation marks were all appropriate, no need to apologize. I must be one of those non-yawners, because I yawn plenty, but I haven't while reading either of your yawn posts.

bethany said...

and then I read the article that said unempathetic people like schitzophrenics don't catch yawns. And then I yawned, as though panic may have set in.

Anonymous said...

yawn... there i go again.

Cuncle Charlie said...

I can make myself yawn, so sometimes when I am bored in class I yawn and see who I can get to do it too! It's a fun game, and it keeps me entertained!

the chickens' auntie said...

Hey, Cuncle -- I'm glad your education dollars aren't being wasted. *Yawn*

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