Sunday, January 03, 2010

Catching Up

I haven't posted in a LONG time (as all 3 of my faithful readers already know). I've decided it's time to catch up a little.

2009 ended in an ugly way. In October my mother-in-law (whom I dearly loved!) passed away and things went downhill from there. We didn't have a family Thanksgiving, though there was a definite bright spot by having Thanksgiving at our house with Danny, his girlfriend Angela and her sweet little boy, Owen. That was a real pleasure!

We had no family Christmas Eve or celebration the week after, as we have in the past, but rather went to Cincinnati the weekend before for Christmas with my family and, sadly, ended up not seeing Jim's family at all. The change in routine put a definite pall on the holiday. Again, though, there was a bright spot -- Jim and I went to Florida with Dan & Jim 5 to celebrate with Charlie and Sarah. We all had a great 5 days together and had a lovely family vacation -- precious time shared!

So what's on tap for 2010? Who knows! Lord willing, it will be better than 2009 which, overall, I'd put down as a pretty bad year... One of my friends, who also had a bad 2009, said she hoped 2010 would be gentler to them -- I like that turn of phrase!

I've begun knitting again and am still sewing, crafting and antiquing (though I'm getting rid of more now than I'm buying). You might see more pictures of projects I'm working on, links to sites I like and, perhaps, field trips I'm taking.

Here's the first one: I'm knitting this bowl to be felted and then decorated with needle felting.


crit said...

happy to see that you f i n a l l y updated! can't wait to watch the new projects unfold. :)

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Those bowls look like a Fiesta mixing bowl set! LOL! Too funny!

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