Monday, January 03, 2011

Quick Trip to Salvation Army

On the Wednesday before Christmas, I made a super-quick trip to the Salvation Army, just to see what was new. I found a real treasure trove of thrift!

All Christmas items were 75% off and I found lots of older holiday items plus a few other vintage deals:
An oh-so-beautiful, handmade ceramics cookie plate
A red sputnik ornament (free, because it has no hooked end)
A large boot candle
A singleton candle salt shaker (Lefton-like)
3 packages of wired tinsel - I'm thinking of lots of projects...
2 Tin 1960s trays
Mirro cookie press + bin of cutters -- $1.99!

Knitting needles & knitting gauge
Presto pressure cooker user's manual from 1946
I *love* this picture at the back of the book (it's worth the whole thing)!
The kitchen here is the National Pressure Cooker Company's 'cheerful, modern' kitchen --

Here's the caption:
Closeups of the 'cheerful, modern' kitchen


Shara said...

Well, hello Auntie! Found you through BHTS. I have some of those Sputnik ornaments too. I saw some on ebay the other day going for about $75.00 for six. People are CRAZY, aren't they? I got mine for 10¢ and yours was free! Come on over to see my treasures too.

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I think your sputnik ornament is a Polish star ornament. I've seen pictures of them online. Nice finds!

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