Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Stupid Person Day

Today was "stupid person day" in our town! I'm sure that local stores were giving a discount to every stupid person who walked through their doors (just like senior citizen discount day) because all the stupid people were here!

I was almost hit twice! One woman in a huge diesel truck backed out of a parking place to within 1 foot of me as I walked past her. She didn't stop until I yelled to her and then she got mad at me -- as though it was obviously my fault! My friend told me she probably couldn't see me. If she hadn't been driving an oversized gas-guzzling truck, she would have been able to see pedestrians.

Then, I almost had the front of my car taken out by an oversized load truck turning left next to me that took up two lanes. If I hadn't swerved out of the way and slammed on the brakes, I'd have been smashed. He couldn't see me either, I guess.

Then, a co-worker (who will NEVER get this web address) called me to help her with her computer because her screen was upside down and she didn't know how she had done it! I'm the "help desk" at my work and that was a new one for me! It turns out that she does it about once a month, NEVER knows how she does it, and always calls another co-worker to fix it. The "helper" had written instructions for fixing it, which my co-worker couldn't find and couldn't remember and couldn't follow anyway because, once the screen is upside down the mouse had to be upside down, too, and she can't figure it out!!!!! After I rotated it back to normal I disabled rotation for her forever.

Stupid person day is fun... I'm glad to be home.

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