Sunday, May 21, 2006

Turner - Week One

Turner's been with us one week and I must say, it's been interesting! He's eaten 3 throw pillows, 4 eggs (including the shells) and one squeaky toy. The cats won't come out of the laundry room (Leo won't even come back in the house -- he has to be dragged in!) The obedience trainer really liked Turner, though, and he won't be a puppy forever, so I guess there's hope!

On another positive note, it finally stopped raining! We still can't plant anything tender, though, there are frost warnings for tonight -- and it's almost Memorial Day (isn't Michigan great?)

West Wing is over and I'm very sad. I think the last year was as good as any of the years were; so good, in fact, we were all wondering if they'd change their minds and continue. All of the characters have become so real to me that I almost wonder what's going to happen to them all while we aren't watching anymore. We didn't get the retrospective, either -- we'll all have to wait for the boxed set to come out to see that -- what a disappointment.

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