Monday, November 27, 2006


This is my first Thanksgiving as a blogger & I've seen that it's customary for many bloggers to list what they're thankful for. On Thanksgiving (last week) I was in a computer-challenged home and couldn't post. Working on the philisophy that one can (and should) be thankful at any time, here's my list. I'm thankful for:
* My husband -- To be married to the same man for 29 years and still love him is a real accomplishment these days!
* My sons -- They're pleasant, intelligent, have integrity and have the character trait I most desired for each of them: a love for and a close walk with the Lord.
* My extended family -- I have a family I'm close to, as well as in-laws I love. I know so many people who dislike, resent and/or war with their inlaws; what a blessing to get an extra family!
* My salvation & the Lord's steadfast love, support & forgiveness.
* My friends -- the church ladies, stitchers, antiquers and gardeners.
* Unimportant things that add a sparkle to life (in no particular order):
Skyline Chili
Chickens (especially my girls)
Turner the dog
Vegetable plants & Perennials
Antique Malls
London (in fact, the entire UK!)
Fountain Coke & brewed Iced Tea
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Beautiful sunny days

If you feel like it, comment with your own list!

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Anonymous said...

Auntie - you forget the Bengals!!!

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