Saturday, January 13, 2007

Winter Has Returned

Well, our lovely, warm winter appears to be over. After months of almost snow-less, record-setting warmth, we're back to a typical Michigan winter. Snow, sleet, freezing rain and cold have returned. Today, we put the tarp roof on the chicken run so the girls will go out and get some air. Without it, when I open their door on snowy mornings, they look out at the snow and are too afraid to go out in it. There is real meaning to the insult "chicken".

Which puts me in mind of all the chicken-isms in our language: pecking order, spring chicken, tough as an old bird, going to bed with the chickens, hen pecked (just to name a few). You can easily think of more, if you try (or may start noticing now when you hear them). I think their presence goes back to the fact that, at one time, just about everyone -- country and city dwellers alike -- owned chickens as a handy source of eggs and meat.

On a happier note than our rotten weather, we booked our tickets for a long weekend in Florida in March. We'll get to visit Charlie, see Christy & Tom, meet new baby Lily and go to a Spring Training game (not to mention, getting to enjoy some warmer weather).

1 comment:

crit said...

we can't wait to see you!

thanks again for the cookies. it really made it seem more like Christmas in the land of perpetual summertime!

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