Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Winter, Mothers, Sons & Daughters

Yes, winter has returned to Michigan. We had an ice storm last week (when I took these photos) and have gotten a little snow (less than 1") every day since then. The winter sports people are happy, but no one else is. It's also been pretty cold in the teens & twenties. No wonder Charlie feels smart to have moved to Florida!

On another note, I've finally taken down the Christmas I never wanted to put up. For once, I'm really happy to have the house back to normal. I just never got in the mood -- perhaps if winter had graced us in December rather than January that would have made a difference. The only Christmas CD I listened to was Sufjan Stevens, and that was also in January -- after Christmas!

On a different note, we're all waiting for little Lily to arrive. Each generation's first baby is a great event! She'll be spoiled by everyone in a way that none of her subsequent siblings or cousins (once or twice removed) will be -- just as Paul was on my family's side (and Christy was, as the only girl) and Jim was on his dad's side. It will be a little sad for those who come after, but such is the way of the world.

Lily's pending arrival and the excitement leading up to it has also caused me to ponder the relationships of mothers and daughters, as compared to those of mothers and sons. It's always been fascinating to be out someplace, like the mall, and see a mother with a miniature version of herself at her side. I wonder what it would be like to have a daughter and see oneself mirrored there -- to see glimpses of one's own face, one's mannerisms or voice inflections copied and, ultimately, to realize that someone who shares your DNA will also share your experiences as a woman and, because of that, share a bond with you forever. It's like a chain with links from mother to daughter to daughter, with each a part of something that mothers without daughters can only imagine. I wonder if this is what Jim feels like when he looks at his 3 sons. I doubt it, since he doesn't ponder things in the same way I do. At any rate, in the end it's there's no gain in pondering it too much, because what is is.

So, hurry up, little Lily! I'm as anxious for your arrival as everyone else is. Arrive safely, but arrive soon. . .

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