Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Pictures of Lily

Now that Crit has posted some pictures of Lily on her blog, I can, too. I've been excited about this little one since the first moment I heard of her existence -- I'm almost surprised at how excited, considering I'm a great-aunt and not a grandma. What a blessing babies are (and, oh, don't those big cheeks look familiar)! I'm really happy for you, Christy & Tom. I'm so looking forward to seeing the three of you when we come down in March -- tell Lily her auntie's on her way soon!

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crit said...

Thanks for posting this pic. It is one of my absolute favorites, because it captured such a happy happy time for me!

I CAN'T WAIT for you to come down here. I miss you terribly, and am anxious for Lily to meet my Auntie.

BTW, check your mail this week... we are sending you something. :)


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