Monday, July 23, 2007

Danny -- You're not a kid anymore!

Happy 21st birthday Danny!

It makes me sad (that my baby is 21) and happy (for you) at the same time! These momentous birthdays tend to make parents thoughtful -- so here's what I think about you! You've always been very generous -- enjoying giving as much as receiving -- sensitive to others' feelings & very wise (even as a little guy) and deep in your faith. I've always liked your love of music (you know more songs than anyone I know!) and the fact that you're a free thinker (yes, I'm even used to the plugs and tattoos).

My favorite Danny-ism: when you were 4 and told me you'd seen a spider that was little and big -- it was a daddy-longlegs. Also, another favorite is big brother (translate: second mother) Charlie constantly ripping into me for letting you mispronounce things as a toddler: "he's going to talk like that forever!"

So, happy birthday, Dan -- Charlie's roast comes in a few weeks!

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NiC said...

21!? Our eldest at 16 is scary enough!

Excellent banner.

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