Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Garden

Since I don't have a separate garden blog, you all have to suffer through posts about the garden.

It's starting to wear the typical August look -- overgrown, browning and tired. The weather has alternated between really hot & droughty and cool and too much rain -- not a great combination for keeping plants from getting fungus, black spot and shocked. In spite of that, we've had great yields this year, though, no matter how bad the plants look (about a bushel of green beans, lots of broccoli heads, lots of strawberries, raspberries, tomatoes and cukes)!

Here are some pictures. And, as a reward (?) for looking at the pictures, when you get to the bottom you'll find a video of Turner, the crazy dog. I apologize for the poor quality of the video, but it was shot on a regular digital cameral and he's so incredibly fast that it's hard to keep him in the frame.

Thanks for visiting!

Lumina pumpkins that are taking over

The "attack luminas" from another angle

All the beds are running together

Leeks -- new to the garden this year

Some of the tomatoes & green beans

Not in the veg garden -- native prickley pear flower

Also not in the veg garden --
"Joseph's Coat" climbing rose

Turner, the Crazy Dog


Charlie said...

I miss that dog.

bethany said...

those tomatoes are beautiful. You're inspiring me to put some plants in our back patio next spring.

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