Monday, September 10, 2007

Creepy Crawlies, Haze & Cake

Today's post is a collection of photos.

There are always lots of insects in the garden -- especially when one gardens organically. We brought in a large basket of tomatoes yesterday and brought a few creepy crawlies with them.
I know the quality isn't good, because I can't get close enough with my camera, but here's a tomato-colored bug with a chevron on it's back, just like a Box Elder Bug, on the side of the basket.

If you look closely her at the handle of the cookie jar, you'll see a little tomato worm who crawled all the way along the kitchen counter overnight to go to the largest tomato it had ever seen!

This is a creepy caterpillar that was on our barn door.

I'm including this picture because I like it! It was hazy last Friday morning and the sun was beautiful through the haze. Of course, I couldn't do it justice through the screens on the back porch and only an idiot would have gone outside to be carried off by the mosquitoes!

On to animal foolishness. . . we've known for a while that Turner has a sweet tooth. However, we stupidly left my birthday cake unattended and he licked the icing from one side, in a surgical strike, never eating a single crumb of cake!

And here's the culprit, pretending to be innocent. This one's for you, Charlie!


Charlie said...

I miss him!!!!

Anonymous said...

these pictures are great! i especially love the one of the hazy friday morning. beautiful.

if you have a macro setting on your camera, you might want to try to use that the next time you want to shoot something really close up. it has worked well for me.

the chickens' auntie said...

I have a macro setting but, of course (being in a hurry), tried to use it without reading the directions and it didn't work!

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