Saturday, August 07, 2010

One woman's trash...

Last weekend Jim and I made a fast trip to a sale at a home I'd been to before, where the lady had lots of vintage items, priced well. It turns out that her husband passed away earlier in the year and she's getting rid of lots of stuff, on the way to selling her house & property.

I got a great little toy sewing machine that will go to Crit (and, hopefully, little Lil will learn the joys of sewing on it).
I also got an old (1960s) quilted plastic sweater box for $1, that I really like.
Jim got a director's chair with Pioneer (like the sound people) on it that the lady said was only given to the roadies and performers of rock bands like the Who. When I asked her how she got it, she smiled (quite coquettishely) and said "that's a another story".

The greatest treasures of all, though, were absolutely free! I saw some swan planters outside of her barn and asked if she'd sell those. She said, "Oh, honey, you can have those! There area 5 of them and they're all cracked because I keep hitting them with the lawn tractor. . . I'm not very good at that. . ."
So I took them! There was a male swan, 2 females and 2 babies. I used the male and one of the females in my flower beds. You can't tell they're plastic (and not cement) until you get close to them and you can't see the cracks at all. Here's the way they looked before and after:


AfterThis is the ultimate in GREEN (reuse, repurpose, recycle)! What have you rescued or repurposed lately to use at your house?

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