Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old Stuff - New to Me!

When I went to Traverse City, I had lots of fun digging through old stuff and found a few treasures:

At the Granary Antiques in Beulah, I got this wonderful children's table with chicks painted on it. This table combines so many of my favorite things -- it's red, it's for children and it has chicks on it. If anything I find is red, has polka dots or chicks on it, I'm drawn like a moth to a flame! It's just the right size, too, to go with the old Sunday School chairs I already have. It's just waiting for that visiting child (Lily or Gus) or grandchild-yet-to-be to have the perfect coloring project or tea party!
Also at the Granary, I got the Ladybug book about England's churches & cathedrals (I know, no one would like that book but me...but I think it's great!)

At Black Horse Antiques in Beulah, I got the 'Garden Adventures in Winter' and an' H' (for Hen) child's block. In Traverse City, I got the 'More Rupert Adventures' book and the TOTALLY cool postcard of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne & the corgis came from the Elk Rapids Antique Warehouse. I find that I just can't have too much QE2!
In the picture below, the swanky swig with an elephant on one side and a chicken & duck on the other is just like one we had when I as little. I remember getting jelly or jam or spread cheese in those little glasses and then getting to keep them as juice glasses.

The Mackinac Bridge glass is one of the souvenir glasses that I've begun collecting. There was an article about them in Country Living, so they must be the new new thing -- I just like to get ones from places I've been to. I added another tea towel (this one with red morning glories) to the many tea towels I have -- though I use them all! The Fiesta mixing bowl is more in keeping with what my friend Bargain Hunter looks for, but it was in such nice condition I couldn't resist it. It may end up on eBay yet...
When we got back into town, I went to the Royal Oak parking garage flea market and got the find of the week! This wonderful retro lamp was just waiting to go into my living room! It's aqua (to match my sofa) and has a green-flecked rice paper shade and great gold atomic trim on it. Isn't it fantastic?

While I was there, 2 other people tried to buy it, but it was already MINE! Now I need to find another retro lamp, because this one puts my other regular lamp to shame...

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

Love your post! I have some serious drooling going on over your Fiesta bowl!!! It is AWESOME looking! Love looking at all of your treasures and reading about your adventures!

The lamp looks great in your living room btw!

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