Sunday, August 20, 2006

Cleaning the Attic

Yesterday, the weather was cool and rainy, so we decided to clean out the attic. We're planning to have our first-ever barn sale (a rural garage sale) and want to get rid of as much as possible. We've lived here in Michigan 12 years -- longer than we've ever lived anywhere as a family -- and have accumulated alot of stuff, since some of us are packrats. In amongst the trophies, baseball cards, bowling balls, baby furniture, legos and action figures, there were many boxes labeled "Jim's Room" which he packed down to the walls the week before he went to college.

No, Jim, we didn't find your glove, but we did find this!

While it feels quite virtuous to throw things out, give things away and generally lighten our load, it also is a little sad to realize that so much of this is family history that, quite possibly, no one cares about but me.

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