Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Christy!

Happy Birthday to the daughter of my heart!

I remember:
ET's grave in our backyard in New Jersey
Bigmouth Singers
Green hair dye & yellow Docs
"You'll always have music!"
Being the keeper of the toupe tape
Lots of long talks
I love being your auntie!

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Anonymous said...

this is so sweet. thanks for posting about little 'ol me!

i loved remembering each memory, and it brought a few more to mind...

* Meet Me In St. Louis "Under the Bamboo Tree"

* Cornerstone ladies summer Bible study luncheon

* Possum-cam

* Green key chain from long ago...

* Accordion playing in the backseat... "I can hear it, Christy!!"

i love you dearly. there couldn't be a better auntie for me than you.

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