Friday, December 10, 2010

24 Days of Advent - Day 10 - 50s Stuff

I just can't seem to get enough of old Christmas decorations! Every time I see them in at an estate sale, flea market or antique mall, I'm drawn to them like a moth to a flame.

This shelf is all from the 1930s - 50s, but mostly the decorations are ones I remember seeing when I was little. Very few of them (if any) are from my childhood.

The top shelf is mostly trees -- I really like the bottle brushes.
The tall one on the left is a truly tacky one that winds up and plays 'Santa Clause is coming to town. I think it's a home-made job (which always makes it better, to my mind) with really tacky elves and decorations glued all over it & glittered.

The light-up Santa is just like one that was my favorite decoration when I was little. He's still one of my favorites!

Santa in his sleigh was my husband's when he was little.
These are all old candy containers and gift boxes.

The building in the center below is an old bank
and the snowman in the corner is a wax candy container.

The light-up Santa belonged to my father-in-law, who loved Christmas as much as I do,
and I was so pleased when he gave his Santa to ME!
I have such wonderful memories of Christmases at their house!
The cardboard Santa & sleigh is from my husband's house, too. I remember when my mother-in-law gave me boxes of old decorations and Christmas bulbs and just laughed and laughed because I was so excited to get them.

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