Thursday, December 16, 2010

24 Days of Advent - Day 16 - Christmas Lights

Remember when you were a kid and your parents would bundle everyone into the car and you'd all ride around and look at Christmas lights? (Think choruses of Oooooohhh and Aaaaaahhhhh)! We all loved the gaudiest, brightest and most tacky displays -- there just couldn't be too many reindeer, elves or snowmen!

That was always one of my favorite Christmas activities (and, truth be told, still is). Our own display is modest by comparison to lots that we see, but that's okay.

The wreath on the front of the house was made by my dad about 30 years ago.
The candles by the front door are from the 1960s -- I have 2 sets, but only use one. It's too bad I can't figure out a place for the second set!

The lights on the gate (affectionately called the Divorce-Gate around here because my dragging it home almost led to our divorce!) look great, but aren't very bright because we're good green citizens and they're LEDs.
I made the star out of bamboo sticks, zip ties and lights from directions on Martha Stewart's website. Of course, like everything else here, Santa and the Snowman are old -- both thrift finds that turned out well.

The trees ( to the left) were made by my dear friend Kally out of tomato cages, lights & grapevines (many *thankfully* cut from my yard) and given to me when she moved.

And there is the unwritten (but still mandatory) rule that the Christmas tree MUST be visible through the front window! Okay, so it's over to the side, but you can still see it . . .
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